Thursday, 20 November 2014

De Donutman / Citizen Vince

... Yep. Still continuing through all the genres of the library.

I was pretty confident that this time I was really going to enjoy this book. Citizen Vince is a brand-new book- I treated the cover myself, and I saw in the catalogue that the book was rated five stars ├ánd had won the Edgar Allen Poe Award, whatever that means. On the cover are several reviews by respected newspapers and authors, and the front doesn’t look like a run-off-the-mill cover for a thriller. I was ready to be blown away.

It’s not a book that’ll blow you away.


Citizen Vince follows the story of a man who’s been taken up in the witness protection programme and who spends his days making donuts and continuing his credit card fraud. When a man from his past turns up in the small town that is Vince’s (aka Marty) new home, he is forced to act.

This book is quite an unusual thriller. No action scenes, no thrilling chases. Vince ends up in a few sticky situations- usually at the end of a chapter, and the situation is usually sorted in a sentence or two in the next- but that’s about it. It’s only in the last few pages where there’s some actual thrilling action, which resolves in a happy ending.
I dunno. It’s a weird book. I sort of liked it, but it wasn’t what I expected. It was very calm for a thriller.

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