Friday, 19 December 2014


Okay, so I’m sort of cheating with this library book because I have heard of this author and book before. The author, Joe Hill, has worked with Stephen King on a few stories and if you are a fan of Harry Potter you might know Daniel Radcliffe will play the main character in the film.
(P.S. I looked him up and apparently Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son. Figures.)

Horns is about a guy who is shunned by the whole community because he was the main suspect of the rape and murder of his girlfriend. We meet him as he wakes up from a hangover, looks in the mirror and discovers he has grown a pair. Of horns, that is. (Lame pun. Sue me, I’m jetlagged.)
These horns soon become annoying- not because it makes it harder to comb his hair or enter rooms without making two dents in the doorframe, but because anyone he talks to feels the urge to tell him their darkest desires and secrets. With this new ability, he soon finds out who was responsible for the murder of his girlfriend, so he needs to decide what to do with this knowledge.

This book is awesome. Horns reminded me a lot of The Crow- The plot line has a few similarities, but this isn’t a negative comment. A part of this book is about religion which made some parts less easy to get sucked into, but that’s very subjective. I’ll definitely see the movie when it comes out.

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